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    Fourm Rules


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    Fourm Rules

    Post by StreebyStation on Fri May 15, 2015 8:00 am

    The Fans, Assemble! Forum Guide:

    Please read these rules before posting on the forum, please.

    1. This board isn't just specific to the topic in question, this is more of a gaming centered like site (if you couldn't tell already.) Please do not try to post anything unrelated to the boards besides the off topic section (we will also be watching to make sure nothing fishy happens.)

    2. Assuming that there will be people of all ages here, keep the language to a minimum.

    3. Video games come in all shapes and sizes, if you are going to post any images, it must not be violent unless the topic relates to the image in question. (Please, no content that is offensive or sexual.)

    4. No spamming, advertising (with exceptions), starting flame wars and backseat moderating.

    5. Be careful not to double post or create a thread similar to one created already.

    6. Please enjoy yourself, everyone should be able to interact with the site.

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